Computers vs. Brains!

(CC Image by

(CC Image by

This website is about the quest to understand how the brain performs computation. We are on this quest for 2 reasons:

1. To help people with brain diseases

2. To build smarter computers

Brain-like computers will power the next technological revolution (the last 2 revolutions were electricity and the internet, and look how much they changed the world).

There’s one BIG problem though: We don’t know how brains work! But we do know they are very different from today’s computers.

Computers and brains work in virtually opposite ways. Computers are laboriously programmed for specific tasks. But brains learn on their own from experience and can perform a wide variety of complicated tasks that are currently impossible for a computer. Exactly how brains do this we don’t understand.

Normal computers contain a handful of extremely complicated, extremely fast and extremely powerful chips (central processing units or CPUs). Brains, on the other hand, work with a huge number of much simpler and slower neurons (brain cells). A bee brain contains about a million neurons and a human brain nearly 100 billion! It’s the way these neurons work together that makes brains so clever.

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